Serial hammer attacker who claimed mental illness gets 22 years

David Baril was shot by NYPD officer after attacking their partner with a hammer.
A selfie of David Baril and drawing he posted on his Instagram account, @davidbaril277. (Provided)

A hammer-wielding masked assailant terrorized Manhattan two years ago when he roamed the city attacking his victims at random.


Yesterday, the perpetrator, 32-year-old David Baril, was sentenced to 22 years in prison after entering a guilty plea last month. The chaos on the streets ended back in May 2015 when Baril was shot by NYPD Officer Geraldo Casaigne after hitting his partner, Lauren O’Rourke, in the back with a hammer. The confrontation, which occurred as police were attempting to arrest Baril upon identifying him in surveillance footage matched with his mugshot, left him with permanent injuries.


CBS2 reported that upon hearing the delivery of the sentence, Sarah Wellington, Baril’s mother, vowed to appeal, yelling, “This is very terrible!” Baril, who was offered an opportunity to comment, instead remained silent.


Baril is mentally ill, his mother said, and apparently began exhibiting symptoms after leaving for college, suffering from schizophrenia and paranoia. Some months preceding the attacks, Baril posted photos on his social media of bloody hammers, raising a red flag, as well. At that time, his rap sheet already included an attempted assault on a police officer in 2013 along with some trouble for possessing a box cutter and a stun gun on separate occasions, the New York Times reported.


CBS2 reported yesterday that Judge Michael Obus, who sentenced Bail, believes it’s the best that can be done, stating, “I think that the disposition we have reached is as close to justice as we can come."

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