city council speaker corey johnson subway rider survey mta

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson will take to the subways to get personal feedback on the MTA.

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City Council Speaker Corey Johnson isn't interested in hearing about the subway crisis from the MTA alone, he says. Instead, he's traveling across the city with a subway rider survey to hear from the real stakeholders.

"[We're interested in] actually hearing from the perspective of a rider," Johnson said at the Queensboro Plaza station, "not just hearing from MTA statistics and information, but actually understanding what people are experiencing every single day."

Johnson's subway rider survey tour will take place at selected stations across all five boroughs in the city, though for those who don't have the chance to take the hard-copy survey, he recommended taking the online version, available here.

"Restoring the city's transportation system is going to take a lot of hard work and careful planning over the next several years," Johnson said. "Our most important resource for creating those plans is you - the rider."


The survey is available in six different languages: English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Russian, Korean and Chinese.

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