(Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr)

Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr

(Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr)

A teenager was killed in a Brooklyn hit-and-run Sunday when a driver plowed into him as he attempted to cross the street, reports say.

Video footage of the incident posted by the New York Daily News showed Alejandro Tello, 18, riding his skateboard down the street, coming up behind a white SUV, when Tello reached an intersection, quickly starting to cross directly in the path of the SUV, which was making a right turn. The driver then knocked Tello to the pavement, running directly over his body without stopping.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Avenue T and West 10th Street just after 3 p.m., and the driver fled the scene. Tello was rushed to Maimonides Hospital but could not be saved.

One local told the Daily News that the car had been spotted circling the block throughout the day. “The car was flying back and fourth, over and over again,” he said. “I think it was a new car, and they just wanted to take it out for today.”


Police are continuing to investigate and are searching for the driver, whose unoccupied car was discovered early Monday morning on Bay 14th Street.

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