The Pound Ridge home at 23 Fox Hill Road (Image via Google Maps)

The Pound Ridge home at 23 Fox Hill Road (Image via Google Maps)

The Pound Ridge home at 23 Fox Hill Road (Image via Google Maps)

Details continue to emerge in a double murder-suicide suicide committed by a Westchester father against his family.

Steven Dym, 56, shot and killed his 50-year-old wife, Loretta, and his 18-year-old daughter, Caroline, before turning the gun on himself in their Pound Ridge mansion. Now, speculation has developed over comments reportedly made by the father saying, ‘maybe we’re not moving’ after reportedly putting the house up for sale.

It’s unclear whether he had been foreshadowing his family’s murder, but authorities relentlessly continue to search for answers.

“You’re trying to get inside the head of an individual who took his own life after taking two family member’s lives. It’s complicated,” Chief David Ryan of the local police told CBS2. Ryan had been the first to arrive at the home after a cleaning woman found the bodies and called 911.


Neighbors in the area were stunned to learn of the grisly murder in their quaint town, but some mentioned knowledge of marital issues between the couple.

However, information has also surfaced about Dym’s professional life as an executive at Gabriel Management, his real estate company. Allegations have swirled, claiming he pocketed $200,000 from properties under his management.

In 2015, a suit was filed by East Village building owners accusing Dym of stealing the cash over a multi-year period. “The amount of money that has been unaccounted for and upon information and belief has been misappropriated by Gabriel and Dym over a five-year period is upon information and belief at least $200,000,” the lawsuit stated, according to the New York Post.

The family’s only survivor is their 20-year-old son, Will, who was not present at the time of the murder, having just been brought back to college in California. He returned on Monday to the Pound Ridge home.

A mass will take place on Wednesday at St. Patrick’s Church for the family.