(Photo via Twitter/@ClearlyNYC)

(Photo via Twitter/@ClearlyNYC)

(Photo via Twitter/@ClearlyNYC)

As Primary Day approaches, candidates and elected officials are pushing for constituents to get out the vote, and the competition is on for all of the city’s offices. Voting will take place on Sept. 12 and the general election will occur on Nov. 7. If you’re planning to participate in the primary, here’s your guide to where to go and what to do:

Am I registered?

If you’re unsure, check on your status through the New York State Board of Election’s handy search tool. If you still need to register, the New York City Campaign Finance Board website has all the forms you need. Just print, sign and mail. 

So, who’s running?


If you’re looking for a succinct list of mayoral candidates, City & State keeps it short and sweet. Find a complete list of City Council candidates here.

What are the issues and the platforms?

Transit, housing and homelessness remain high on the agenda this election season, but candidates have an array of initiatives and proposals directly available on their campaign sites. However, if you’re looking to avoid an intense googling session, visit the CFB’s ‘Meet The Candidates’ page for a quick guide to catch up.

When and where are the debates?

The first two mayoral debates occurred on Aug. 23 and Sept. 6. If you missed them, the CFB is keeping an archive of footage here. City Limits compiled a list of the remaining ones and how to watch or listen. 

Where do I vote?

Use the Board of Election's poll site locator to find out where to cast your vote.