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Let your psychologist or massage therapist come to you in FiDi

If you give massages or get massages, this could be worth exploring.

You’re a New Yorker. Peapod and Amazon bring your groceries. Someone picks up your dirty laundry and magically, it comes home clean. You start work early and get out late… and then there’s the commute. Maybe you’d love to make a doctor’s appointment, get a quick massage or center yourself with a therapy session, but you don’t have time to deal with MTA during your work day.

What if there was a versatile space in the Financial District right around the corner from your job? There is —and (eye-heart emoji) it has amazing original copper window frames and a stellar view of Broadway.

WellnessWorks at Trinity Centre is the second shared-workspace concept from co-founders Vicrum and Rachel Puri, the husband and wife team whose BrooklynWorks at 159 has modernized co-working in Brooklyn.

Wellness Works


For practitioners

With a membership at Wellness Works, full-time practitioners can concentrate on their patients or clients while everything else is handled, including all that administrative paperwork and payment collection that adds to the overhead.

Patients who need to be seen before or after normal business hours can check-in using the automated system and access to a receptionist during regular business hours.

Perhaps you’re a part-time masseuse or just starting up a practice. Rent a fully-equipped (sound insulated) room with one of the flex memberships and see clients you might have missed out on by renting a room by the hour or day.

And imagine being able to compare philosophies with a medical doctor, a mental health therapist and an acupuncturist over included beverages and snacks. East, meet West.

For more about the available suites, services and prices, check out Wellness Works online.

My experience at Wellness Works at Trinity Centre

I walked —no, I ran panting and sweating —into the space at Wellness Works on the 18th floor of the historical Trinity Centre. I had the day off but it was turning into an exhausting race as errands and tasks blurred like the view from a moving subway car.

Vicrum and Rachel Puri came up with the idea about two years ago (there might or might not have been wine involved) and explained their journey as they gave me a tour of the open calming space, which includes 50 rooms for lease. Some rooms are small enough to have a therapy session or a medical exam and others large enough to dance in (seriously, bigger than your apartment). I don’t think they had random dancing in mind when they melded their construction and health backgrounds and created Wellness Works, but if you want to bust a few yoga poses while you chat with your psychologist, you have the room. Just saying.

In one of the furnished rooms with three windows, I was treated to an energy healing/Reikki massage complete with infrared light, hot volcanic stones and magnets by Tiffany from NYC Healing Hands. I’m a skeptic, but when Tiffany, an intuitive, ended the session by placing her hand on the soles of my feet, I felt oddly grounded. Everything in my body was like, OK, let’s get where we belong and be cool, man. I asked her about it after and she said that humans are magnetic beings and she was sending me energy and love through my body via my feet.

I like to think that Tiffany made it possible for me to survive a run to Target and a hunting trip/scavenger hunt in a very busy Halloween costume store. I’ll reserve my cynicism for something else. My feet believe.

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