A Massachusetts gas station sold the winning Powerball jackpot ticket. Credit: iStock

Check your Lotto tickets, you just might be the next winner in the New York Lottery.

A winning Lotto ticket worth $24 million was puchased almost a year ago at a store in Tribeca and has not yet been claimed.

The winning ticket was bought at the Renu Corp Grocery and Tobacco shop located at 158 Church Street in Manhattan.

Whoever has the first-place winning ticket guessed all six out of six numbers — plus the bonus number — making the total prize amount $24,100,000. They have until May 25, 2017 to claim the prize money, or else their ticket will become void. Should that happen, the money will get returned to the prize pool for future jackpots, promotions and other games.


If you’re a New Yorker and remember playing the Lotto around this time last year, then you should probably check all of your belongings for old tickets.

If you have the winning ticket, you are urged to sign the back of the ticket and contact any one of the customer service centers in New York State.

For further instructions on how to redeem a prize from the New York Lottery, click here, or call the New York Lottery’s Prize Payments Office at 518-388-3370.

Here are the winning numbers from May 25, 2016:

05-12-13-22-25-35 Bonus Number : 51

Hey, you never know


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