In December, Courtenay Ferguson will carry the Olympic Flame over 400 metres of Canadian soil.

“It’s a chance in a lifetime,” says the 15-year-old, “and it’s a chance to get active and have fun.”

Though she plans to go on a more rigorous training schedule in the summer, Ferguson swims and runs each morning to prepare for the relay.

She hopes her experience will encourage others her age to be fit and get more active.

She’s one of many Canadians chosen to carry the flame as a reward for being physically and environmentally active says Kirsten Mihailides, Manager for Public Affairs and Communications for the Coca-Cola Vancouver 2010 Olympic Project Team.

She’s been touring the country since March 31 letting people see the Olympic torch and encouraging Canadians to get active in their community.

The last two stops in Calgary will be on Wednesday at the Safeway on 16th Avenue NW and at Empire on McLeod Trail.

Yesterday the Vancouver torch, along with other torches from previous Summer and Winter Olympic years, were on display at the Village Square Leisure Centre in the city’s northeast.

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