After receiving overwhelming positive feedback for its TV pilot, Prairie Dog Film and Television is blazing a path to produce eight more one-hour episodes of Blackstone.

Executive director and producer Ron E. Scott chose to film the compelling drama against Alberta’s backdrop, mainly in Edmonton and Namao, because, “it lends itself as a real authenticity to the story.”

The story line contains real and difficult issues that an aboriginal community must face daily on the reserve.

“I think it’s interesting to expose some truth that exists in the culture,” said Scott, who comes from an aboriginal background. “It brings a fresh perspective on difficult cultural issues.”

However, leading lady Carmen Moore, who plays Leona Stoney, explained that anyone from a different culture can relate to the issues.

“These are not just first nation issues ... everyone on the planet knows someone who has dealt with depression, suicide, alcoholism or corruption,” said Stoney.

The final message throughout the series is one of hope and change and the voice is, “To be authentic, compelling and confrontational,” said Scott.