Edmontonians love their toys — even if they might be over the age of 35, say organizers at yesterday’s Pop Culture Fair at the Mayfield Trade Centre.

As thousands poured into the bi-annual fair, organizer Jennifer Russell said nostalgia is turning into a hit with Edmontonians, especially those in younger generations.

“It seems to be the stuff that we enjoyed years ago — stuff like My Little Ponies, the Care Bears — it’s what kids in the new generation are getting into,” said Russell.

“They are looking at classic stuff, and stuff that’s different. It’s not your mainstream, manufactured, $10-million upfront toys.”

Russell said the event seems to be getting bigger each year because Edmontonians love their toys and it’s a chance for them to remember what they had before being forced to throw them out when they were a kid.

“People are nostalgic,” said John Lakomy, a hobbyist who has kept some of his toys since the 1960s.

“When we had the toys as kids, we really didn’t realize what they would become. They would either get destroyed or thrown out.

“Now we have a chance to get them back again so we can hold on to them.”

And when they get that chance, they will pay top dollar, said organizers. Some of the items at the fair, like Major Matt Mason space toys — a hit from the 1960s — can be valued anywhere from $600 and up, said Lakomy.

Remember Mattel’s Masters of the Universe, a popular action figure in the 1980s? Some are buying those toys for as much as $800 for each figure, according to CollectablesToday.com.

“It’s really cool to go back to your old childhood, especially when we’re older now and we have a bit more money to spend,” said Elaina Babij, an exhibitor at the show.

“We can buy all those things that we couldn’t buy before.”

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