As Britain celebrates the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, residents of Canada’s capital are rejoicing along with them.

“This is a wonderful day for Canada and the Commonwealth,” said Matthew Rowe, Ottawa spokesperson for the Monarchist League of Canada.

“These kinds of events only come once in a generation, and Canadians are joining with our friends in the Commonwealth in celebrating this as a great day for Canada and the Royal Family.”

Rowe thinks most Canadians will agree.

“She might become a future queen, and if she becomes Queen of England, she becomes the Queen of Canada,” said constitutional law expert and uOttawa professor Benoit Pelletier.

“People are interested in the monarchy,” he said, “and their special lives. These people are celebrities and are well-known around the world.”

While Rowe believes interest in this union “cuts across regions and demographics,” Ottawa, he said, is “the capital city of a constitutional monarchy, so I think Ottawa should be more interested.”

“For sure, it’s interesting,” said resident Adele Richard. “It’s like a modern fairy tale, right?

The girl finally got her prince.”

Rowe said an expected three billion viewers are expected to tune in to the marriage service when it happens in 2011.

Now that the engagement is on, Rowe said he expects people to be watching for details.

“We don’t know where it will be.”