The principal of an Abbotsford school where students have been practising lockdowns denied Thursday that the drills are related to having the notorious Bacon brothers living down the street.

Two of the three Bacon brothers, who police say have gang connections, live near the school.

Dave Stephen, principal of Prince Charles Elementary School, said it’s all just a precaution that goes along with emergency procedures like fire and earthquake drills.

“The community around that school is certainly aware of that household, but it isn’t something where we said to the kids, ‘This is why they’re doing this,’” Stephen said. “It’s because it’s a prudent thing, generally.”

The lockdown procedure includes locking doors, closing classroom shutters, and having students gather away from doors and windows and staying quiet until instructed otherwise.

“From the administrator’s point of view, if they don’t practise it, then they won’t know what to do if they have to do that,” Stephen added.

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