The many people who encountered Robert Dziekanski the night he died, from Vancouver airport and customs staff to the four RCMP officers who stunned him with a Taser, are about to receive a very public report card.

The inquiry that spent much of last year hearing evidence about Dziekanski’s October 2007 death will release a final report on Friday, offering a full account of what happened while making recommendations to prevent future tragedies.

The highly anticipated document will evaluate the performance of nearly everyone who had any contact with Dziekanski in the nearly 10 hours he spent in Vancouver’s airport before his death.

Most anticipated will be inquiry commissioner Thomas Braidwood’s comments on the actions of the four RCMP officers who confronted Dziekanski and shocked him within seconds of their arrival.

The officers all testified at the inquiry, saying that they were justified in using the Taser because Dziekanski had picked up a stapler and they felt threatened.

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