After biking for five weeks straight from Edmonton to Halifax and sleeping each night in a tent, Greg Plester was relieved to know he would have a roof over his head when he went to bed last night.

“I just want to sit down and sleep for a week,” Plester said yesterday in front of Halifax city hall. “I can smell a cheeseburger somewhere calling my name.”

Five thousand kilometres and eight provinces later, Plester rode into Halifax around noontime to complete the last leg of his trip that saw him raise money for Oxfam, a non-government organization that focuses on development for impoverished nations.

Plester left his hometown of Edmonton on May 4 after gathering pledges personally and through his Facebook group.

He said he paid for everything involved with the trip, and the $5,000 he raised was all going to Oxfam.

Plester decided he wanted to raise money for Oxfam after a tour of duty in Afghanistan with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment.

He said he saw the projects Oxfam was doing in that country to make life better for the Afghanistan people and wanted to help.

“I experienced poverty on an unbelievable level,” he said recalling his tour that ended last September.

“This is something I was going to make a commitment to.”

During his trip, Plester said he had to eat roughly 8,000 calories a day to keep his body going.