City leaders are digging in for what they expect to be a marathon debate Monday over a long-range planning template for Calgary.

The mayor and aldermen will spend the rest of the week poring over 102 proposed amendments to the city’s Plan-It Calgary scheme, which will outline the city’s growth over the next 60 years. And many are predicting a fierce battle.

Northeast Ald. Jim Stevenson said he plans to rail against a move to designate both Metis Trail and Airport Trail as major roadways instead of expressways, noting planners need to account for explosive growth in his ward.

“There’s definitely going to be some more changes and more amendments coming forward,” he said.

The controversial plan has drawn fire from city developers by pushing a focus on high-density growth in the downtown core and around transit hubs while looking to limit future sprawl.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier said he believes the city has found the right mix and will aim to ensure that any suburban growth will cover the costs of future servicing.

“We can’t keep sprawling in all directions without ensuring those benefiting are putting up their fair share,” he said.

Bronconnier added he expects much debate over 34 proposed amendments that were not approved by administration in the final draft.