If you’re a lip gloss, mascara, hair in a ponytail and out the door in a whirlwind kind of gal and need some tips on how to successfully obtain that Look Fab moment, you need not go any further.

With hectic schedules, what woman has the time to doll herself up so early in the morning? Never mind trying to look fabulous every day of the week.

On now until the end of the month, women can get some help from beauty experts when Look Fab (located at 146 Bloor St. W.) opens its doors for the second time in Toronto — introducing a new experience in beauty. So what’s the premise of this event?

“To inspire women to get their own Look Fab moment, that moment when everything in beauty just clicks and a woman feels nothing short of amazing,” says Pam Baillie, external relations manager for P&G Beauty.

Right in the heart of Toronto’s shopping district, Look Fab will be giving women free/complimentary one-on-one personalized beauty consultations. To help make these moments come to life, these beauty advisers will offer everything from tips to tricks, product suggestions to insider secrets and, of course, the bonuses are samples from Cover Girl, Pantene, Olay Crest Whitestrips, Pure Divine, Venus Embrace and Perfect 10 by Nice ‘n Easy.

For busy women who only have 10 minutes max to do their hair and makeup, here are makeup suggestions to keep in mind: First, balance your skin with concealer and add a light dusting of translucent powder.

“Curl your lashes, and take the extra step with a coat of lash Blast mascara. Apply a tinted lip gloss and call it a day,” says Paul Venoit for CoverGirl Make-up Pro. “Keep your hair properly groomed for a full polished finish.”

One of the things most women have difficulty with is keeping their skin looking healthy. And with all the products on the market, where do you begin?

The most important step Baillie says a woman can take toward achieving healthy-looking skin is determining her unique needs and skin type.

“It’s best to start by asking yourself what you’re working with and what you’d like to achieve,” she says.

For details about Look Fab, visit www.lookfab.ca.

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