Will your future be realized? Metro asked a select few how they see it...

Jesse Cruickshank, MTV Canada

“By 2031, I hope to live in a more balanced world — a world where our resources are shared equally, our environment is treated with respect and our conflicts are solved in peace.”

Shawn Desman, Juno award-winning Canadian pop icon and producer

“By 2031, I would love to see a cure for most if not all of the world’s terminal illnesses. I would also love to see a world where every human being is treated equally and can equally access and enjoy the resources of the world.”

Aislinn Paul, actress, Degrassi

“By 2031, I’d like to see the gap between rich and poor narrow significantly. Whether on an individual, local or international level, it is such an obvious issue that I think the world must deal with (it).”

Michel Chikwanine, speaker, Me to We

“I envision that by the
year 2031, the world will have met the United Nations Millennium
Development Goals. In 2031, every girl around the world will get to go
to school.”

Craig Kielburger, founder, Free the Children

2031, I envision a world in which apathy is no longer an issue. Young
people will have the passion and creativity to change the world ...
They will be empowered on the world stage and treated as equals.”

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