This spring, four school years will have passed since the double cohort entered post-secondary education. And many of those students are realizing that an undergraduate degree might not be enough to land a good job. Master’s degrees are seen as increasingly necessary. To meet this demand, here’s a sampling of the coolest and quirkiest new programs launching this fall at Toronto’s universities. More programs, are still pending approval, and information will be available on each institution’s website.


•What’s up, doc? Ryerson University’s new Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Media will let eager film beavers explore the world of documentary filmmaking at an academic and practical level. Students will create a film, book or online project for their thesis in this two-year program.


•We know the world is getting more streamlined (think, The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman and you get the point that globalization is making China seem like your neighbour). York University’s Master in Development Studies will combine courses on understanding the growing issues of globalization with the practical application of real-world development work. Students will partake in international internships, volunteer at NGOs, and develop a thesis based on their field work.


•Think you could do a much better job running the government than the current lot? Then the University of Toronto’s Master in Public Policy can give you the necessary skills. It’s a highly selective program (only accepting 20 people for the fall). Throughout the 20-month program, students will spend one semester interning in government and each class of students will work together to create solutions to current problems in the health, education and immigration sectors.


•If you’re a tech geek with an eye on this field, perhaps you have the leadership skills needed to be a manager in the technology sector. U of T’s new Master in Management in Innovation is a fast-paced, interactive 12-month program created to better prepare students with a science and technology background for industry.