Premier Ed Stelmach says he will go elsewhere to help oil companies sell crude rather than relying on an American market that is suddenly keen on biofuel.


Environmental groups and American politicians floating the idea of banning Alberta oil also doesn’t sit well with Alberta’s leader.


Stelmach says a pipeline is needed to British Columbia’s west coast to export Alberta crude to China.


“If there is further resource development, and other parts of the world are crying for energy, the companies in the pipeline business I am sure will be coming back and making that decision,” said Stelmach.


“I am just saying that we have options and we will be pursuing those options. Why would we want to put ourselves in the same position as the agricultural and forestry industries?”

Economic experts have blamed globally record high food prices on the sudden demand for commodities like corn and grains, important products used to make ethanol. Stelmach says the trend is a wakeup call for companies to look elsewhere to sell its oil, especially to China — even with its reputation on human rights.