Father and son go under the razor for Make-A-Wish

Robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Steve, 22, Emily, 16, Pat and Claudia Rozitis show off shaved heads and the head shavers in their quest to raise money for the Make-a-wish Foundation.

« I just thought this was something we could do as a family and do it for charity.»

The lofty goal of raising $10,000 for charity wasn’t enough for one local family; they exceeded their target and raised more than $20,000 instead.

After finding out his wife Claudia had a breast cancer relapse, Husky employee Pat Rozitis decided he was going to shave his head for her favorite charity, Make-A-Wish Southern Alberta.

"I just thought this was something we could do as a family and do it for a charity. We were planning this for a long time and I grew my hair out so I was glad we did it today," Rozitis told Metro.

His 22-year-old son Stephen also had his long locks shaved off courtesy of mom Claudia and 16-year-old sister Emily, which he is donating to Locks of Love for cancer patients.

Husky co-workers, friends and family helped propel the $10,000 goal into the $20,000 range.

"I was astonished. I couldn’t believe how much we raised; I actually wasn’t even sure if we would make it to our initial goal," Rozitis said.

Make-A-Wish director Linda Weekes told Metro she was amazed with the family and the Husky employees for their generous donation, which will help two wish families grant a wish for their child.

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