Colourful posters blanket the city

Darren Grandish’s six-year-old male Belgian shepherd has been missing for months, but the dog owner hasn’t lost hope and continues a poster campaign that has made a minor celebrity of the missing pooch.

Xander, a tan-coated and black-faced Belgian shepherd, was last seen under the Walterdale Bridge near the Kinsmen Field House.


Large and colourful posters have been seen across the city and a group site was created on Facebook to help locate their pet.

"He was a special dog. He was very well-trained. He was just part of the family more than anything," said Grandish, a management consultant.

Grandish wouldn’t comment on how much his family has spent in trying to track down Xander, but says a lot of people in Edmonton’s dog community have helped out in the search.

People who have called in tips thinking they’ve spotted Xander have also inadvertently reunited five pet owners with their lost German shepherds, said Grandish.

Any who may have seen the dog is asked to call Grandish at 901-3333.

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