Decked out in white cowboy hats and red shirts, Hospitality Outreach Teams (HOSTs) can be found downtown pointing tourists and locals in the right direction.

During Stampede, HOSTs are especially helpful along Stephen Avenue, noted Caralyn Macdonald, of the Calgary Downtown Association.

“They are mobile information sources,” said Macdonald. “Because they are out and about, they are very approachable.”

One of the most common questions asked, said HOST Caleigh Dingwall, is “What is there to do in the evening?”

“Tourists come back to their hotels after a day at the Grounds, and we tell them where to go next,” Dingwall said.

At the beginning of this year’s Stampede, teams helped about 80 tourists and 80 locals, said Dingwall’s HOST partner, Leah Wong. “People want to know the other attractions Calgary has,” she said.

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