“This album is so autobiographical, it’s kind of disturbing,” admits Lost In The Trees (LITT) leader Ari Picker about the collective’s enthralling, personal sophomore affair All Alone In An Empty House.


Uniting classical, folk and alt-country influences under the wide umbrella of indie rock, LITT is easily one of modern music’s most dynamic, engaging, diverse and outright odd affairs, a sentiment reiterated by Picker himself.


An inimitable personality, he talks quickly and overflows with nervous laughter, leading one to believe that the band’s primary composer, visionary, vocalist and guitarist is sublimely creative musically yet seems uncomfortable speaking without his instrument.


Then again, as Picker reveals the intense emotional investment/inspiration for this opus, one can understand his conversational reticence.


“The experiences that this record are about involve my youth, different situations and experiences,” he continues alluding to a less-than-stellar childhood.

With such a delicate context at stake, LITT — essentially Picker and a host of musical compatriots — is decidedly selective about who will help deliver these intricate visions and how they will be relayed. Boasting the likes of violin, cello, tuba, bass, french horn, bells, accordion and drums, ... Empty House is as aurally diverse and vast as it is fervently intimate.

Lost in the Trees play tonight at The Drake at 9 p.m.