After being closed for three months, the Historical Lougheed House restaurant in downtown Calgary is expected to reopen within a few weeks.

After a change of operators in August, staff at the Lougheed House hired Kerrie Murray and Rob Grisdale, a couple they felt came in with the perfect proposal to take over the restaurant’s ownership, executive director Blane Hogue said.

“It’s so great to have a couple that are business partners and working side-by-side,” he said.

Murray said there would be a new take on the restaurant’s food concept, putting the focus on serving up fresh, organic food from local suppliers, including Hutterite colonies and the farmer’s market.

“We anticipate the restaurant will remain as successful now as it was before,” Murray said.

Hogue said he has already had the privilege of trying some of the menu’s dishes. He loved what tasted, including a Cowboy Chicken Club House Rub that uses the finest of secret ingredients.

“My favourite thing about the Cowboy Chicken is how it pays homage to our cowboy history.”

The restaurant, which seats up to 45 people, will maintain its original historic décor, so patrons can still get the full experience of the house.

The menu will range in price from $13 to $26.

The restaurant is located at 707 — 13 Ave SW.

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