Not in the mood to wade through an unruly sea of green this St. Patrick's Day? Then make your way to Revival Nightclub where love is in the air -- and for a good cause.

Hosted by CP24's Melissa Grelo and Matte Babel, and featuring performances by Trish, DJ Jedi and others, Love In Action 2010 will be the finale of a nationwide effort to raise funds for an eye restoration camp in Tibet, where research has shown a much higher rate of age-related cataracts than other populations.

With a goal of raising $25,000, Planeterra, the charitable arm of Toronto-based travel company, Gap Adventures, put the word out to teams of young Canadians to get creative in their fundraising efforts.

"We want people to get that they are leaders and they have the power to make a difference," said Theresa Laurico, the founder and executive director of Love in Action.

And get creative they did, with efforts ranging from dinners in the dark to a Dundas Square attempt to break the world record for hugs in a single hour.

And raise funds they did, to the tune $13,000 so far.

Gap Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip said he chose to partner with Love in Action as a way to directly connect with young Canadians.

"We have sponsored events and given donations to fundraisers in the past," he said. "But this is an innovative way to create something bigger, to engage young passionate people."

The team that drummed up the most money will be announced at Revival Wednesday night, earning them an all-expenses paid trip to Peru to where, after seeing the sights, they will have the opportunity to spend several days with a host family contributing to community-building efforts.

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