Lovelorn Facebook users have won the sympathy of the site's administrators and will no longer have to confront an unwanted photo of an ex when they open up their profile.

A Facebook feature called Photo Memories occasionally flashes pictures of friends and family on a user's profile.

Problem is, some users were being subjected to photos of old flames and former spouses.

Others were surprised to see photos of friends who have died.

A Facebook group called I HATE PHOTO MEMORIES — with the description: "A daily slap in the facebook. We hate you. Go away." — has attracted more than 600 members.

"It's like getting dumped every day! YAY!," user Rob Calhelha wrote a couple weeks ago in the group.

"I went so far as to ask my friends who are tagged with my ex to un-tag themselves so it would stop throwing it in my face via Photo (Painful) Memories. I wish I lived in FacebookWorld where all memories are good ones. I guess if you rake in as much cash as they do, you don't really care."

Product manager Sam Odio told users late Monday that Facebook is "listening to your feedback."

"The Photo Memories product no longer shows tagged photos of your friends if you were previously in a relationship with them," he said in a statement.