City adds surveillance to Franklin C-train parking lot

Promising to cut down on crime and auto thefts Calgary Transit installed a new surveillance camera in the Franklin Station parking lot.



The high-tech security camera will crack down on auto theft, but will also monitor for vandalism and other crimes in the south Franklin C-train lot in the northeast.



Ward 10 alderman Andre Chabot, who spearheaded the initiative, is applauding the new surveillance and calling for more around the city.

"I’m very happy and it’s essentially what I asked for. I wanted to bring safety and security in the areas not only in but around city train stations," Chabot told Metro.

Chabot’s hopes the initiative will expand to other train station parking lots around the city.

Plans to install cameras in the Brentwood and Whitehorn stations will move ahead by the end of the month, according to Chabot.

"Statistics can be skewed and when the people monitoring the stations see something they will call police which will result in higher numbers of incidents but eventually those will go down," Chabot added.

According to Stephen Hansen, manager of safety and security for, there were only 205 auto thefts from Calgary Transit property, with 37 of those from the Franklin station.

"Compared to the rest of the city last year with 6,450 car thefts, we’re still relatively low with auto thefts occurring. But it is still enough of a concern to add the new cameras," Hansen said.

One transit user and mother, Tara Onunkwor, told Metro she is scared of the crime in the area and hopes the new cameras act as a deterrent.

"Yeah I am scared, especially because that woman was murdered just over there. I think the cameras will help keep the bad guys away because they will know they are being watched," she said.

Transit safety has been a hot topic, with the recent murder of Arcelie Laoagan, killed near the Franklin train station in January.


  • The cameras are in addition to the already installed cameras inside of stations across the city. The parking lot cameras are meant specifically to cut down on auto thefts.