Transit slammed for ‘cover-up’ of 5-year high

Calgary Transit was on the defensive Monday for allegedly withholding statistics that surfaced indicating C-Train crime hit a five-year high.

Transit safety and security manager Stephen Hansen said the decision to hang onto the stats was born out of several high-profile crimes that were receiving a lot of media attention and transit didn’t want to further aggravate the situation.


"We’re not happy with any crime," he said. "But the reality is, when you’re moving 90 million people every year, there will be some crime."

Alderman Diane Colley-Urquhart, who wants an annual safety audit conducted, said holding back the stats essentially amounted to a "cover-up," but that assertion was shot down as "ludicrous" by Calgary Transit director John Hubbell, who insisted crime is a fact of life and can happen anywhere from school to a shopping mall.

"You’re more at risk in your kitchen than on Calgary Transit," Hubbell said.

Ald. Ric McIver said he never knew such statistics existed and wished they were at least given to council, who are the entrusted guardians of decisions relating to Calgarians’ public safety.

"That situation needs to be addressed on a go-forward basis, like right now," McIver said.

safety report

  • On an individual station basis, the city’s Northeast had the worst incidences in 2007 with 737 crimes reported — 195 at from the worst of the crop, Whitehorn Station.

  • The safest station in 2007 was University, which only had three reported offences.

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