New features touted in city transit campaign



robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Peace Officer Terrance Cook provides a noticeable presence on the LRT lines as Calgary Transit has begun deploying security personnel to help deter crime on the C-Train.


An on-going effort to bolster awareness of Calgary Transit’s safety features was unrolled yesterday at Sunnyside LRT.

More than 2,000 "On-Board Together – Calgary Transit and You" posters were slapped up at stations across the city pointing out the availability of help phones at every platform and on every train in Calgary, as well as informing riders of the video cameras and an increased peace officer presence, in an educational blitz that Calgary Transit safety and security manager Stephen Hanson hopes will add to a person’s individual responsibility for safety.

"There are things we can do to help provide for that sense of well-being, that sense of security while people are using the transit system," Hanson said. "People aren’t always aware of what’s there, what’s available, what the security features are, there’s so many new people that come into the city, we’re trying to keep everyone up to speed on security measures."

A recent spate of incidents helped bring the decision to increase awareness of the safety measures installed to the fore, Hanson said.

Joslin Webster, 28, said despite any criminal elements that may or may not be using transit to peddle their drug wares or pursue potential victims, the systems in place do help ease her mind somewhat.

"I don’t take the train very often, so I don’t really feel afraid ever or anything like that," Webster said. "But I understand that people have been a bit nervous over a few incidents lately, and sure, an increased peace officer presence and better knowledge of the security features out there does help ease that a bit, I think."


  • While more than 270,000 board the C-Train daily and an additional 300,000 take the city’s buses, making it one of the country’s businest transit systems, the constant movement of people opens up the potentional for crime.