Pariya Kaligi/for metro vancouver


Vancouver celebrity-buzz blcogger Elaine (Lainey) Lui is becoming a household name.

For the rare gossip-gazer who does not already know all about her, Vancouver’s Elaine (Lainey) Lui is the creator of the various filth-filled manifestations of; a Canadian gossip website that tickles intellect without shame.

She’s cunning, she’s charming and she takes a clever, tongue-in-cheek approach to her craft.

The facetious Lui also acts as a host on eTalk Daily and is regularly featured on radio shows throughout the country.

Lui admits her fascination with celebrity buzz isn’t a recent development.

”I’ve had a life-long love of pop culture and gossip. It’s just grown with me,” she explained.

Lui has a thorough understanding of the celebrity industry, and puts in plain words that it is a celebrity’s publicist’s job to arrange a story and follow through with it. When the celebrity’s actions contrast the public image intended, she steps in for investigation.

When it comes to celebrities, Lui knows what she likes, and dislikes.

“I love Justin Timberlake’s music but I think he’s a total loser. Jared Leto — he’s even worse,” she said with disgust. “And Cameron Diaz dated both!”

Lui feels, however, one celebrity outshines the rest.

“I believe Paris Hilton to be everything that is wrong with humanity. She is absolutely ridiculous.”

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