Luongo eager to get back in net

<p>Roberto Luongo’s bruised ribs will keep him out of action until at least the weekend, and possibly further.</p>




New Whitecaps head coach Teitur Thordarson


Roberto Luongo’s bruised ribs will keep him out of action until at least the weekend, and possibly further.

While Luongo is eager to play against the Oilers on Saturday, resting him until the Canucks return home would give him a total of 10 days off instead of just six. Given how integral he is to the Canucks’ chances this season, it seems an ounce of prevention could be worth much more than a pound of cure.

•Just as there are those that were never impressed with Cal Ripken’s 2,632 consecutive games in the majors, there are a scant few that will simply shrug at Brendan Morrison’s Ironman streak that came to an end last night in Anaheim.

Morrison’s injured wrist stopped his streak at 542 straight games (not including the 43 he played in the playoffs), meaning he did not miss a game from Feb. 27, 2000 to Dec. 10, 2007.

Think about that for a second. Morrison is also smaller than the majority of his NHL counterparts, who are always quick to deliver some punishment whenever an opportunity presents itself. He’s played through injuries too numerous to list and never used any of them of an excuse when fans or media carved him for his play, which has happened repeatedly in this market.

How many days have you either missed work or used some sort of excuse as to why your performance has suffered in the past eight years?

•Could Jacques Chapdelaine be heading back to B.C.? The former Lions’ offensive co-ordinator has been contacted by the Leos about the possibility of returning to his post on the left coast. There were a number of prominent Lions that were internally critical of Steph Kruk’s play calling last season and would welcome Chapdelaine back with open arms.

While you’d have to assume that Bob O’Billovich has inquired about Chapdelaine’s willingness to join him in Hamilton, B.C. might be more appealing given how much closer to winning a Grey Cup the Lions appear to be.

•While there are those in the Lower Mainland who will wonder aloud why the Whitecaps didn’t hire locally, nationally or go with an alumnus, I have absolutely no problem with new coach Teitur Thordarson at this time.

The Iceland native has promised his squad will play an attacking style, which is what Caps’ fans have been begging for the past couple of seasons. Though Thordarson had never even set foot on Canadian soil until this week, if he can deliver wins in a style that is enjoyable to watch, then he’s the right man for the job.

Winning with an entertaining product will bring more fans to Swangard on a regular basis than a getting a recognizable name to run practice.

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