The country’s top court has upheld the conviction of an Edmonton man charged with luring a 13-year-old boy online.

In a unanimous 9-0 ruling released Thursday, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed Michell Rayal Levigne’s appeal.

Writing for the court, Justice Morris J. Fish said that under the law, Levigne is presumed to have believed that a police officer who baited him on the Internet was a 13-year-old boy calling himself Jessy G.

“He is presumed by law to have believed that he was communicating with an underage sexual target,” Fish wrote. “The constitutional validity of that presumption is not in issue.”

The ruling came as a relief to the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, a group that runs a tipline for incidents of child sexual exploitation. Lianna McDonald, the group’s executive director, said the decision sends a message that adults cannot hide behind the assumed anonymity of the Internet.

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