Model: Lexus LX, 1998-2007

Vehicle Type: Large luxury SUV

History/description: The second-generation of Lexus’s flagship SUV ran from 1998 to 2007. The third-generation model is on sale now. This machine featured a rugged four wheel drive system, V8 power and an automatic transmission as standard. With a low-range transfer case, generous ground clearance and a truck-frame construction, LX was capable of tackling trails or towing as needed.

What Owners Like: Owners commonly report loving the space, capability and high-end build quality of the LX. Confident operation in any weather make it a favorite amongst families active with year-round activities, and the stereo system is commonly referred to as “awesome.”

What Owners Hate:
As with most SUV models of this size, most common owner-reported issues deal with hefty fuel consumption. Some report a vague and disconnected feel at highway speeds, too.

Common Issues: The LX’s hydraulically-adjustable suspension system employs numerous pumps, sensors and switches to alter ride characteristics. If the rear-end of the LX is sitting abnormally high, it indicates a failure within the system. This well documented problem may result from a failed sensor, and could result in a pricey repair bill. Ensure proper, smooth and noise-free operation from the sunroof, and be sure to check for proper operation of the air conditioner, too.

The Verdict: Lexus has earned a loyal following of owners for building luxurious, reliable and high-quality machines. If no major issues present themselves, a well-maintained LX should offer reliable and confident operation for many years to come.

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