Premier Rodney MacDonald is in Korea this week, hoping to woo a large corporation into doing business in Nova Scotia.


At the end of 2008 the province signed a memorandum of understanding with Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering to look into new projects in the province.


“They’re going to be discussing a lot of the technical issues with Daewoo. You know, how they run their plants,” said MacDonald press secretary Paul Palmeter. “They’re going to be getting some tours of some facilities.”


“They’re hoping that (Daewoo) will be bringing some things to Nova Scotia. They’re trying to attract business, not just with Daewoo but with other companies as well. They’re going to be making presentations on the opportunities in the province.


The province sent a delegation of eight to Korea. There’s MacDonald and two members of his staff, Energy Minister Barry Barnet and two staff members from his department, and two people from Nova Scotia Business Inc. Palmeter said they hope to lure home a lot of benefits with them.

“(Daewoo is) a massive company. Shipbuilding, marine engineering, they’re into a lot of things,” Palmeter said.

The delegation left Sunday evening and is scheduled to return to Nova Scotia late Friday evening.