Safe from the latest Nova Scotian snowstorm, Premier Rodney MacDonald wrapped up a business meeting in Bermuda yesterday.

He signed a five-year memorandum of understanding with the Premier of Bermuda, Ewart Brown, to collaborate on trade and investment, tourism, education and other sectors: “Aspects where there are clear synergies between Nova Scotia and Bermuda,” MacDonald said in a phone interview yesterday.

“One example is, we have 400 Bermudian students who go to our universities each year.”


A number of financial-service companies from Bermuda have set up shop in Nova Scotia and have created about 1,000 jobs in the last few years.

“And more to come,” MacDonald said. “I met with a number of companies (yesterday) who I want to see come to Nova Scotia to either set up shop or expand. We should have more to say in the coming months.”

The two regions have been in business for 150 years, as sharing a time zone and language helps.

MacDonald said he also met with the airport authority yesterday because he wants to see more direct flights from Halifax to Bermuda.

“Obviously, many Nova Scotians want to visit Bermuda in the good weather, but many Bermudians want to travel a great deal off the island.”

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