The MacKinnon family was finally able to take home one of their beloved quadruplets yesterday.
The quads — identical twin girls and identical twin boys — were born to Joseph and Christa MacKinnon at the IWK Health Centre in late January. They weighed between two pounds, nine ounces and three pounds, two ounces.
Yesterday, Julia, who now weighs six pounds, eight ounces, was released to go home to Greenwood.
“We are absolutely ecstatic, and thrilled to be sleep-deprived at last,” said the parents in a statement. “It is truly a blessing to be able to put the last bits and pieces in place on their beautiful nursery.”
Two more of the babies — Ben and Morah —are now off breathing support and will be allowed to go home when they get better at drinking from a bottle, the family said. Baby Alex will be in the hospital longer, but he’s doing well.
The family thanked people from across the province, country and even the United States for their generosity.
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