Calgary has placed 11th out of 31 Canadian cities in Maclean’s magazine’s first survey of the best- and worst-run cities, leading one local alderman to question the methodology behind the results.

“Most people who live in Calgary rate it the tops in Canada,” Ald. Bob Hawkesworth said.

“I’m not sure what Maclean’s was doing.”

The survey compared cities across Canada based on their municipal performance and ranked them on efficiency, based on how much they are spending and what kind of services are offered.

Hawkesworth said he can’t understand why Calgary was ranked 21st overall in economic development, which looked at activities involving infrastructure, new immigrants and change in population.

“We have the best economy in Canada, so 21 out of 31 is beyond me.”

Bobby O’Keefe, lead researcher from the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies, said the survey is an information piece and can prompt a discussion on municipal performance.

“It’s really up to the people of each city to decide what kind of mix of spending and service they want,” O’Keefe said.

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