Jon Hamm may be most recognized for playing Don Draper on the Emmy Award-winning hit television drama Mad Men but that doesn't mean the actor doesn’t love the movies.

“The greatest thing about movies is it’s an escape,” said the actor during a recent interview in Toronto.

“For a couple of hours, you go and forget about what’s going on in your life and you get to watch an entertaining story —hopefully well told — and think about it and experience it.”

This Friday, a lot of people will be doing just that when they check out Jon Hamm’s starring role in The Town, a gritty action film that pits the actor as a clever FBI agent against a perhaps even more shrewd bank robber in Ben Affleck.

It’s a high action thriller with plenty of car chases that, in Hamm’s opinion, “harkens back to great 70’s heist films” like The Getaway and The French Connection.

“Those are fantastic, fun, gritty, dirty, cops and robbers movies,” said Hamm.

“You want to be invested in characters and I think in our film has, very fortunately at the centre, some great characters and Ben’s character ostensibly is the bad guy and yet we root for him because we are hoping he finds some sort of redemption.”

Critics are also rooting for Affleck the filmmaker as well.

The follow-up to his directorial debut, The Town is showing audiences that the success of 2007’s Gone Baby Gone was not a fluke for Affleck.

“He is a tremendously intelligent, dedicated filmmaker,” said Hamm.

“Now he’s proven it twice and I think he’ll continue to do that.”