Channelling New York’s famed Manhattan oasis, the model suite at Gramercy Park brings fresh appeal to a modern space.

Designer David Hendricks created a model suite aimed at first-time homebuyers that shows off just how much can be done with less.

“Because it’s a smaller suite I’ve tried to make it lighter and brighter. I picked earth tones and neutrals like brighter blues and greens to freshen everything up and liven it up a bit,” Hendricks said.

The brightness continues throughout the suite with the prevalence of reflective surfaces and materials like silk and suede juxtaposed against the dark hardwood floors to maximize the visual drama within the space. He also picked appropriately sized furniture that is both comfortable and practical. In the den, Hendricks fitted a custom bed-desk-and-bookcase unit to show efficient use of the space.

“When you’ve got a fairly tight space it can be hard to move around in and round tables really make that easier. I wanted to make sure there was a flow and not a lot of choppiness throughout the space,” Hendricks said.

Accessories and personal touches abound in the model suite as Hendricks wanted to make the model suite look like a real, lived-in suite that fits in with all the stuff real people collect and display in their home.

Art is the key ingredient that ties any space together and Hendricks picked black-and-white photos because of their universal appeal and touch of realism.