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Madoff's pants now iPad covers

Want a piece of Bernie Madoff? You'll have to settle for his pants.

Plenty of people wanted to tear Bernie Madoff to shreds.. but one designer has torn his pants into sheds... and made iPad covers out of them.

That's right, folks- get your own custom iPad cover made from the trousers of one of America's most hated men. It's not like he needs them anymore with that healthy collection of prison jumpsuits he has now.

John Vaccaro of Frederick James has designed the Bernie Madoff iPad Cover from clothes that were seized and auctioned by U.S. Marshals.

For $350, you can own this piece of criminal history, made from one of the pairs of Madoff's size 50 pants. Click away as you wonder which celebrity Madoff was scamming as he wore the pants that now serve as your iPad cover.

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