Madonna toured an impoverished village and discussed plans Sunday for building a new school in Malawi, the central African country where officials said she would begin proceedings this week to adopt a young girl.

While touring the village of Chinkhota, the 50-year-old pop star refused to answer questions about reports that she was in Malawi to adopt a four-year-old girl. She said it was “amazing” to be back in the country where she runs a charity organization and from where she adopted her son David, 3, last year.

Then she rushed away in a convoy of at least three sport utility vehicles, as crowds of shouting, waving children ran after her.

A security guard with Madonna’s convoy said she was speaking to villagers about building a school there. She was seen looking at an artist’s impression of the proposed building.

Madonna was expected to appear in court Monday to sign adoption papers.

A Malawian welfare official and another person involved in the adoption proceedings have said the girl Madonna is hoping to adopt is about four years old and her unmarried mother died soon after she was born. The girl’s father is believed to be alive but no other details were available.

A U.S. government official has also confirmed that an adoption bid by Madonna, an American, was underway.