After teasing his girlfriend with a couple of fake proposals, Arvin Ross turned to an unlikely source for the real thing. Magic.

Ross, 27, and Cindy Sukhram, 26, were watching a magic show in front of the Toronto Harbour­front Centre when Ross placed his hand over the magician’s cup and made his “fondest wish.”

It was just after work on a Thursday and a small crowd had gathered to watch magician Dan Trommater’s simple but stupefying tricks.

When Trommater lifted the cup to reveal a small red box — the kind engagement rings come in — the people standing behind Sukhram knew exactly what was going on.

The YouTube video shows her covering her mouth and taking a step back. “Oh my God, are you serious?” she says.

She looks at Ross. Then she looks at Trommater.

It takes her a moment before she blurts out the three-letter-word Ross is waiting to hear: Yes.

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