If the hawks really are gone for good, they will be missed by everyone — except the mail carrier.

Two to four hawks have reportedly been terrorizing a Canada Post mail carrier in Bayview since June, but things took a turn for the worst after one of the hawks swooped down and broke the postal worker’s bike helmet, spokesperson Theresa Williams said.

“She was wearing the helmet because the attacks started getting so bad. We’re really surprised at the viciousness of it. We want to ensure it’s a safe environment for our carriers,” Williams said.

Bayview residents say they believe the hawks left this week and that they will miss them, including Betty S., who said the only person in the community who had issues with the hawks was the carrier.

“We think it’s because she was cutting through the grass and walking under the tree, and the hawks didn’t like that. We actually grew quite fond of them and will miss them,” she said.

Heinz Sander, 92, often saw the hawks swooping down towards the carrier.

“I think they’re gone for the winter. We’ve got a magpie there now,” he said.

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