Canada’s largest 10-kilometre run, with more than 54,000 athletes, takes place this weekend.

It is so great to see all these athletes gather in one spot for a great morning of exercise through our awesome city. Whether this is your first time entering or if you have been a regular participant over the years here are some ideas to enjoy the Vancouver Sun Run.

Take transit: Leave your car at home and take transit to get you to the start line. This will make it easier on you and better for the environment.

Seed yourself: Although the majority of participants are just there to finish, some people are there for a fast time. Seed yourself according to your finishing goal and you will make it more enjoyable for yourself and others.

Enjoy it: The coolest part of the run is all the local bands along the way. Take the time to listen to these amazing rocks stars on your way along the route.

Be thankful: This type of event would never happen without the local volunteers. Make sure to thank all the volunteers, police, aid station attendants, and emergency first aid people who have given up their day to help you have a great one.

Gear Guide:


Asics Gel DS Trainer

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Nathan Elite 1 Plus

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