In today's economy it seems our tax returns can't get here fast enough. Who doesn't love a little extra cash in their pocket? Here are some small suggestions that will help yield large returns.

Pay down credit card debt
By decreasing your principal, your interest payments will also lower, leaving a little more breathing room at the end of each month.

Place money in a savings account
If you've been eying travel brochures or checking price drops on that 50-inch flatscreen television, putting a portion of your tax return into a savings account will help you reach your ultimate goal faster.


Make a donation
The rising costs for everything from food to transportation around the world mean that non–profit organizations and charities working in developing countries are also feeling the pinch.


“For example, it now costs more for our field workers to provide daily meals to children in school and to bring necessary medicine and vaccines to health clinics,” says Mark Lukowski, CEO, Christian Children's Fund of Canada.


“But most of all, it is stressful for the children and families who were already living in poverty and who now wonder how they can afford a bag of rice or their children's school fees.” Give a gift to help someone in need at