When it comes to decorating, many of us tend to focus on the public spaces in our homes — living room, dining room and kitchen — often neglecting our bedroom, the place where we recharge every night for the following day. The calmer and more serene and comfortable the bedroom environment, the better we sleep.

Debbie Travis — Canada’s beloved design guru, who’s new show All For One with Debbie Travis premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. on CBC — shares some easy ways to turn your bedroom into what it should be: a calming oasis.

“I love doing bedrooms more than anything else,” says Travis, adding that she derives bedroom design inspiration from the boutique hotel industry that has cropped up around the globe over the past decade. “These hotels are not the chains. They’ve built an industry on creating oasis, uniqueness and individuality, so you can derive so much inspiration for them.”


According to Travis, the focal point of the room is the bed, so play that up. “I think it’s a matter of turning your bed into something really amazing,” she says, pointing to the current trend in oversized headboards covered with graphic, colourful fabric. “And of course, lovely crispy sheets,” she adds.

A must for Travis is flanking the bed with side tables and lamps. Not only is this a matter of practicality, but visually it add symmetry and grounds the bed in the room. “A lot of people are against carpet, but it’s coming back big time,” says Travis, who is currently installing carpet in the bedrooms of her home in London, England. “They’re just so cozy.”

And when it comes to colour, Travis advises opting for richer colours like oranges and reds and pinks because “they give you a lovely glow and you want to look a bit sexy in the bedroom.”

In All for One with Debbie Travis, the TV icon visits different Canadian towns where she surprises the locals with plans for a stunning home construction project as a reward for an unsuspecting community hero.

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