The garage can really be an extension of your home — and as winter approaches, the extra space can be a real asset.


In order to be useful, your garage needs to be organized to suit your families’ needs. According to an Ipsos ASI survey, the majority of Canadians (76 per cent) claim the’ve tried to organize their garage within the past year, but only seven per cent admit that it is truly organized.


Here are a few ideas on how to make your garage work harder for you this fall and winter.

Chilling out
Large batches of soups, stews and other comfort foods take up a lot of space in your fridge and freezer, especially during the Thanksgiving and holiday season. A second refrigerator in your garage is a great solution. Consider the Energy Star Chillerator garage refrigerator. It’s not only designed to handle the extreme temperatures and humidity in a garage environment, it also helps save you money by reducing energy consumption.

Indoor playground
When the weather makes playing outside unrealistic, you can move the fun indoors to the garage. By using a modular system, like Gladiator GarageWorks, you can store tools, shovels and sports equipment on the walls and ceiling, leaving more space for an indoor ball hockey game or indoor workshop.


Don’t tool around
Smaller tools like screwdrivers and tape measures are essential to many jobs, yet easy to misplace. Invest in a unit with multiple drawers and compartments like a Gladiator tool chest so you never lose what you have. With deep drawers, there is ample space for hammers and bigger hand tools, as well as sections for hard-to-find socket sets, nails and screws.

Embrace the seasons
Consider rotating seasonal equipment for quick access to ensure the snow shovel and salt for the walkway are easy to find when you need them in winter — and your gardening tools and gloves are front and centre when spring rolls around. You can find more ideas online at

With good planning this fall, your well-organized garage will not only keep your equipment handy and off the floor, but it will even leave some room for your car.