Now more than ever, there are global events, local campaigns and federal government incentives to help Canadians reduce their impact on our planet.

Finally, consumers are starting to see options to mobilize change in their own lives that are affordable and attainable. Of course, government rebates sweeten the deal even more. Now is the time for homeowners to invest in green home makeovers.

Start off small with simple projects. A good place to start is to evaluate your home’s efficiency. When it comes to residential water conservation, auditing one of the most wasteful areas in the home is the first step to improvement: The bathroom.

To see the fastest impact in cost savings and water conservation, start with the toilet.

Dual flush toilets, which provide liquid and solid waste disposal options, use either 3.8 or 4.3 litres per flush, depending on the flushing option you choose. Switching to dual flush can save an average household of four people anywhere between seven and nearly 19,000 litres of water in a year. Depending on what you pay for water and how often you use the light flushing option, the cash savings can be substantial.

Kohler’s Persuade and San Raphael models are just a few of the dual flush options to choose from. Starting as low as $460, your rebate and long-term water savings will pay for the upgrade in no time.

A simple and relatively inexpensive toilet upgrade is a great way to begin your green home makeover. Most rebate programs are available for a limited amount of time, so if you’re considering an upgrade now is the time to research your options and invest in the right places.

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