It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression. In that time someone looking at you will judge your clothes, hair, skin, body language and facial expressions, and draw conclusions about who you are, how successful you are, and how they should treat you.


Right or wrong we all depend on first impressions, so it’s essential that people perceive us the way we want. On Style By Jury we specialize in first impressions, and our experts have quick tips to help you look great, not just for dates, job interviews, and meeting the new in-laws, but for all the time.


Let’s start from the top. Rinse your hair for at least 45 seconds before applying shampoo. This flushes the dirt and pollutants that your hair absorbs daily, and allows the shampoo to do its work. Massage the shampoo in and let it sit for a bit so it can lift the dirt off the scalp. Before applying conditioner, make sure to squeeze the excess water from your hair. This will minimize diluting the conditioner and let you get more out of your product.

The best advice when it comes to your skin is to drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day, and eat healthy foods. Hydrating the skin helps prevent wrinkles, and a well balanced diet rich in minerals and vitamins nourishes the skin. Wash with a gentle non-soap cleanser twice a day. Soap is not friendly to the pH balance of your skin, so use a mild cleanser. This helps remove dirt, makeup and pollutants, which can block your pores and cause blemishes and breakouts. Wear a moisturizer with sunscreen every day on your face and neck. Eighty per cent of premature skin aging is because of harmful UV rays.

When it comes to makeup, you can find your perfect shade of lipstick by looking at the inside of your bottom lip, and choosing a shade that’s two shades darker. Check your foundation under three different types of light; florescent, incandescent, and especially daylight. For a quick freshening up, carry a mini Evian atomizer in your purse, along with a tube of eye-care gel. Misting your face will not ruin your makeup. Re-moisturize only under the eyes and apply a dot of new concealer. This will plump up fines lines around eyes, mask fatigue, and make you ready to dazzle again!

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