Two teams of high school students have two hours to produce a film, the script of which they have seen for the first time only two hours before. When time runs out, the film must be finished and ready to première. No, it’s not the latest reality show; it’s Victoria School for the Performing Arts third annual Arthur Hiller Film Festival.

This year they’ve added a twist: In addition to the 12 independent films by both past and current Victoria students, the producers have added a two-hour film-making challenge for two teams of students. In between the showcase movies, the audience can watch a live feed of the challenge in action. At the end of the night, the movies will be shown.

“I’m just really excited to see how the teams deal with the challenge,” said Jordan Dowler-Coltman, one of the festival’s two producers and a recent Victoria graduate. “The minute we say go it’s all up to them.”
“You see the progression as they grow as artists,” said co-producer David Kelso.

The entertainment begins May 14 at 7 p.m. in the Eva O. Howard Theatre at Victoria.